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Language Play - baby, it's cold outside edition

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

When it's cold outside, but the kids are going 🤪...

toddler and preschooler language development play

Winter can be hard with younger kids. Often the freezing rain, snow or below freezing temps make putting on all the warm layers seem like too much effort. Here are a few ideas to get everyone moving inside (without breaking anything!) that incorporate some great language learning opportunities.

My favorite: sofa cushion obstacle course! Use sofa cushions (or pillows, towels, blankets, stools, etc) to set up an obstacle course, then help them navigate:

Walk between!

  • Climb over!

  • Crawl under!

toddler and preschooler language development play
  • Go through!

  • Jump off!

If you have a few slightly older kiddos, turn it into a competitive event: Sofa Cushion Olympics!

  • Walk like a crab around the table!

  • Bunny hop through the door!

  • Bear crawl under the table!

If the obstacle course/Olympics feels like too much effort or mess, try some variations on old nursery rhymes:

Walking, walking

Walking, walking

Hop, hop, hop

Hop, hop, hop

Running, running, running

Running, running, running

Now we stop!

Now we stop!

(to the tune of 'Are you sleeping, Brother John?')

Remember to have FUN!

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