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Speech anywhere - why teletherapy rocks

Updated: May 1

What is teletherapy?

Speech teletherapy refers to services provided via a secure video connection, rather than in person.

Child engaging in virtual speech therapy teletherapy

Why would I choose teletherapy over in-person sessions?

The biggest benefit to teletherapy is that it saves time by cutting out travel. This makes scheduling more flexible and easier to fit busy family routines. You also don't need to keep younger brothers and sisters busy in the waiting room. Then there are some children more comfortable and engaged in their own home than they would in our clinic.

We already tried teletherapy and it didn't work.

Covid closures in 2020 rushed many of us into teletherapy. No one (parents, kids or clinicians) was prepared. Four years later, we are in a very different position. We have a dedicated platform, as well as the materials and experience needed to make sessions engaging and effective. If your last experience was a couple of years ago, it might be worth giving it another shot.

Child engaging in virtual speech therapy teletherapy

Is it actually effective?

Yes! A study by ASHA found that teletherapy is just as effective as in-person sessions for clients where teletherapy is a good fit. We have a variety of clients, some as young as 3-4 years old, who engage well in sessions and are making wonderful progress.

This all sounds great, but is my child a good fit?

We highly recommend talking to your speech therapist to see if your child will benefit from teletherapy, but as a general rule they will thrive if...

  • Your child is a able to communicate in short phrases independently. Preverbal children, or those who need a lot of prompting to use their verbal skills, may struggle to engage in a virtual session

  • Your child is able to sit and engage in a task for at least 5-7 minutes. We can take movement breaks and use games keep their attention but it is easier if we don't have to switch tasks every 2-3 minutes.

  • You have a reliable internet connection and a laptop or tablet compatible with the teletherapy platform. This may seem obvious but persistent tech issues will limit progress.

  • You can find a relatively quiet spot in your house. We've done therapy over the phone and on the go, but a quiet and consistent set-up will allow us to make the most of the time.

Want to start saving time and gas money?

Ask your clinician if teletherapy is a good fit for your child!

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