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Dance Party with Laurie Berkner!

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

I've been dancing along to Laurie Berkner Band songs with toddlers for almost 15 years - when I first found a copy of this DVD in the day care where I worked. At the time I was a toddler room lead teacher in Houston, desperate to find a way to wear the kids out inside in the middle of a heat wave. It was a smashing success back then and I've been using it ever since!

I have a TON of favorites, but here are my top suggestions for an awesome playlist to get the wiggles out on days when you're stuck inside:

Walk Along the River – fast paced with a fun chorus. Target: walk, jump, dance

We Are the Dinosaurs – who doesn’t love an excuse to roar? Target: marching, stop, eat, sleep, wake up and ROAR!

Telephone – the original is good, but I recommend the dance remix version! Get out your favorite play phone (or handy Duplo block) and have fun acting this one out. Target: hello, knock, sleep

Rocketship Run – for the little would be astronaut. Target: countdown from 5, blast off, spin, dance, jump

Jumping Jack - less language to target, but a great way to wear them out! Target: mostly just JUMP! with some high/low, forward/back mixed in

The Goldfish – a super silly and fun song! Target: swim, sleep, wash, ride/bike, brush teeth

Fast and Slow – really exaggerate the speed you dance, how slow can you go? Target: fast, slow

Take a Look at My Face – time to cool down and practice identifying emotions on our faces. Target: happy, sad, embarrassed, mad, excited, sleepy, funny and more!

Did I miss any of your @laurieberknerband favorites?

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