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Language Play with Basic Spatial Concepts - where?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

One of the first basic concepts I like to tackle are the spatial concepts -

toddler language play with basic concepts

the prepositions that help us say where something is. These words can be tricky - some have more than one meaning ('on' top vs turned 'on'). The key is repetition, coming up with lots of ways for your little one to hear and use these important words. I also like pairing opposites together, when possible.

  • daily routines - You have so many opportunities for targeting on/off just narrating your every day routines like getting dressed/undressed, changing diapers or pull-ups, getting ready to leave...

Let's put your shirt on! Put your head in - good! Now one arm in... put the next arm in and pull it down!
  • furniture obstacle course - This is a great way to get out some wiggles on stormy, stay-inside days. Throw down some sofa cushions, use tables, stools, whatever you have on hand.

preschool language play with basic concepts
  • sneaky stuffies - take turns hiding a favorite toy in among bookshelves and toy boxes, then giving clues for where to look.

  • take it outside - head to the nearest playground and (rules permitting) join in on the fun. Go UP the ladder and DOWN the stairs. Get ON the bench and jump OFF. Can you get UP the slide?

  • things that go - a train set gives you lots of opportunities for less common targets, like going THROUGH the tunnel, AROUND the track and OVER/UNDER the bridge. If you don't have a track, take it around the kitchen table and through the legs of the chair.

Most important of all is to keep it fun! The more you buy into the play and let yourself be silly, the more they'll engage with you. Avoid asking questions or turning the game into a lesson.

Remember to have FUN!

Do you have any questions or concerns about your child's speech and language development? Reach out today to schedule a free initial consultation!

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